Great Transition: Autism in the Workplace

12 May

Six students with blue backpacks cross Ocean Parkway. They’re not going on a field trip. They’re going to work. Watch six autistic students deal with a workplace outside the comforts of their school.

Dope Jams Shows Its Skills

3 Mar

From Fat Beats to Birdel’s, it’s been a tough year for record stores, but Dope Jams in Clinton Hill is holding strong by sticking to their guns. No digital for them, it’s all about the physical product. The store also as a niche clientele: DJs and those die hard dance music fans. This being said, […]

Samaritan Seeks Shoplifter

27 Feb

What would you do if you saw a young shoplifter being arrested for stealing $40 worth of food? What would you do if you knew there was a dog involved? Nancy Bruni faced this exact scenario and decided to blog about it on The New York Times blog, The Local. Her actions led to many […]

Cupcakes Are So Last Year

24 Feb

Tina Fey said it best last spring when she made her lust known for a certain doughy pastry. Now it seems everyone is jumping on board. Donuts are the new ‘it’ dessert, at least for now. Many are even trying to expand the artistry of the pastry while still making it affordable, making it worth […]

Vincent Renda Makes a Difference

21 Feb

Vincent Renda is trying to make an impact on his community. Though only 30 years old, he’s already started a Sunnyside/Woodside Boys & Girls Club and has a seven year plan to establish the club as a major outlet in the community. With all that he’s done the local paper, The Woodside Herald , had […]